I’m Still Here

March 16, 2011

That’s not a Joaquin Phoenix reference. I hated that film.

It’s just the only title I could come up with on my low mental energy right now. I should have known better than to start  blog before embarking on coverage of a music festival AND a move. In the past week, I have:

– made eye contact and shaken hands

– tried to converse in a group

– tried to converse in a group with loud music playing in the background

– tried to make eye contact in a dim-lit room

– uprooted comfortable patterns almost a decade in the making

It might not sound like much to my neurotypical readers, but trust me: If there was a movie about Aspies working their asses off Rocky-style for some sort of normie event, the training montage would look a lot like my life right now.

I’ll be back with longer entries soon. In the mean time, feel free to picture me running around in Rocky’s little half-sweatshirt in the third installment. (Interesting side note: my husband once made me watch Rocky III before every game of his hockey team’s playoffs. Athletes during the playoffs are basically glorified Aspies with better coordination.)


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