April 27, 2011


My dear neurotypicals,

It’s been a trying week for your poor, autistic working girl. Spin classes, screenings, interviews, therapy, lessons and demanding social engagements have all serve to wind my jaw tighter than a Deadwood sherif’s. Like, I’m waking up with muscle spasms in my face.

I’m a hypochondriac, so I’ve gone and diagnosed myself with jaw cancer. Everyone else seems convinced that it’s more likely a result of the stress that I’m under. My therapist assures me that even people who don’t have Asperger’s would be struggling to deal with the different demands and situations of my absurd schedule and somewhat random career choices. (I like when he says stuff like that, by the way. It satisfies my competitive nature to think that I’m winning the totally imaginary feud that I’m having with hypothetical NT adversaries in my head.)

I’ll be back as soon as the jaw situation is under control.


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