Sometimes I Mean Well…

May 15, 2011

But I suspect that the following things did not exactly come out as planned, nor were the received the way that I imagined they would be in my head:

1. I gave one of my oldest and best friends relationship advice. That part’s good. I think, in general, I did a good job. But the diversion where I started explaining a Kids In The Hall skit in which one of the French prostitutes winds up dating, marrying and having a family with a man, and then finally asking him for decades worth of fees? It made more sense in my head before I said it.

2. I yelled at an old man while we were both running in the cemetery today. The content of the yell – which was “I want to be you when I grow up!”– was nice enough, but I don’t know if he even heard me properly. For all I know, he thinks that some angry young punk screamed at him and then sprinted up a hill and out of sight while he was just trying to go for a perfectly nice jog with his walkman.


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