Seducing An Aspie: A Super Serious How-To Guide

May 30, 2011

Someone found my blog today by googling “seduce asperger,” and it inspired me to come up with a list of handy tips to get a little closer to the special Aspie in your life:


1. Ask the Aspie about his or her special interest.

2. Listen to the Aspie talk about about the special interest.

3. Listen some more.

4. Keep listening.

5. Flat out tell the Aspie that you’re trying to seduce him or her, because that fact will probably not occur to your Aspie on his/her own.


2 Responses to “Seducing An Aspie: A Super Serious How-To Guide”

  1. Aspie Says:

    I found this very blog with asperger syndrome and seduce. I was trying to find how to spot when someone is trying to seduce me.

  2. In that case, just ask the person “Are you trying to seduce me?” If they are, this can come across as flirting and coy. If they’re not, you can pass it off as a playful joke and save yourself some awkwardness.

    I went through an embarrassing number of teen magazines and quizzes trying to figure out if my now-husband liked me back in the day. In the end, I eventually realized that there are no universal signs.

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