Talk About Timing

July 9, 2011

I’m going on vacation.

It’s not you. I promise. I’ve been giddily glued to this blog’s stats since the Toronto Star article on Asperger’s and marriage started sending all of you fine people and curious throngs to me. And what I’ve love, more than almost anything, is to keep a percentage of you coming back for more with regular updates full of the kind of pithy commentary and emo insights that you’ve come to curiously tolerate. But, as Blue Rodeo says…

It’s just bad timing, that’s all.

I’ll be at my family’s cottage, far from the reaches of any remotely civilized internet connection, until July 16. There, I will celebrate my first anniversary with my husband who didn’t dump me for having Asperger’s, read some books, force myself to jump in the lake even though it will be freezing cold, get some writing done, and not force myself to make any eye contact for a whole week.

I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve been pushing myself quite a bit with my fitness work lately, and I can feel the mental exhaustion setting in. My carefully cultivated social skills have been slipping. It’s getting harder and harder to keep things like eye contact, tone of voice and body language in mind and utilize them appropriately in my day to day life and work. And my writing has suffered. I don’t feel like I’ve been able to communicate with a satisfactory level of clarity in quite some time.

But while I am excited about the break, I am also sad to be leaving you just as we’ve found each other, and I do hope that anyone who’s interested in the life of a young-ish woman with Asperger’s, chronically low self-esteem and an undying belief that she looks like Odo will stick around. I’ll be working on entries while I’m away, and you should expect to see more about my opinions on Asperger’s and love, a bit about my childhood obsession with Dune, and the next installment of Boys I Have Tried And Failed To Seduce in the days after my return.

In the meantime, here are a few from the archives to keep you going:

My Definition Of A Boombastic Neurodevelopmental Disorder– in which I explain the reasoning behind the name of this blog. And reference The Dream Warriors, because I’m cool like that.

“If It’s So Serious, Why Don’t They Call It Meningitis?”– a not-so-brief introduction

The Dork Passenger– about special interests

and An Open Letter to Katy Perry

Enjoy! (Or don’t, it is your prerogative.) I hope to see at least some of you back next week.


Captain Awesometism

p.s. And to the person who posted “I think there are a lot of people with low self confidence that mistake themselves for having aspergers!” on my About page last night: I thank you for your insight, but I think I’m going to stick with my expert therapist’s opinion. He diagnosed me after an official testing process; you did after reading my “About” page.


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  1. mich redden Says:


  2. Pedro (Pete) Says:

    Well said, can’t wait to read more

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