August 8, 2011

My life is weirdly busy right now. Take tomorrow’s schedule, for example:

– wake up

– run

-complete research for an interview

– interview the lead singer of a Grammy-nominated band about his solo project

– teach a private Pilates lesson

– teach a spin class

– go see Foreigner

That’s a lot of weird and disparate shit being thrown into one day. And while most of my days are not nearly as pseudo-glamorous, they are mostly packed with too much stuff and a whole lotta new patterns to get used to.

I’m a bit overwhelmed, and my writing has suffered. I have a lot of point-form notes for new posts, but leaving them alone has yet to inspire those notes to turn themselves into stories.

The one thing that I did do was go and get myself an e-mail address for this site, because it seems that at least one person has been doing some mad Googling to try to find one. So here you go:

E-mail me! You probably won’t hear back right away, because my brain is fried, but I would still love to hear from you.

And if you’re really itching for new material from me, you can always head on over to Risky Fuel, the new life/ pop culture blog I started with my husband and check out my first post about my wasted life on the periphery of the Canadian music industry: The Pains of Being Change of Heart.


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