This Is An Actual Thing That Happened In My Life

August 18, 2011

Today, at the beginning of my final day of level one yoga instructor training (I’m a fitness instructor. Have I ever mentioned that on this blog before?) we formed a share circle (seriously) and we were all encouraged to share something personal about ourselves and our training.

I decided to talk about my experience with autism and the impact that mind/body exercise has had on my life. I had planned on making a short, matter of fact statement on the matter, and then passing the mike to my share circle neighbour, but I wound up getting swept up in the share circle spirit and found myself in the middle of a somewhat rambling but impassioned speech about my belief in mind/body training for people on the spectrum.

I told everybody, with an increasingly shaky voice, that I had autism. Then I launched into a mess of stuff about Pilates, developing my own mind/body connection, the importance of the right language in Pilates and yoga, and how powerful a cue like “listen to your body” can be to a population who is constantly defined by phrases like “living in your own head” and “trapped in your body.” I don’t even know if I was just nervous or on the verge of tears, but whatever was going on, I was really feeling this share circle business.

And then a puppy ran into the room.


I am not making this shit up.

A tiny puppy ran into the middle of the share circle, everybody cooed, and that was the end of the maybe-crying autistic girl’s lovely story.

Now, one of Aaron’s nicknames for me is Doolittle. I love animals, even that sweet little niblet that stole my thunder.

But there was a moment where I couldn’t help but think “Fuck the puppy! Where’s my brave choice feel good ribbon?”


2 Responses to “This Is An Actual Thing That Happened In My Life”

  1. alcyonrambling Says:

    Read and appreciated!

  2. Darrell Says:

    In the absence of being able to hand you an actual ribbon, I offer you this:

    Bayport, Minnesota - Greystone Liquor Sign

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