A Quick Update

September 13, 2011

The Top Gear special interest in the middle of TIFF has proven far less detrimental than I had feared. Looking at all of the film people’s fancy cars is way more amusing now that I know which kind are purchased exclusively by cocks.

There are so many of these driving around downtown Toronto right now.

I can also mock the official vehicle of the festival because I know that it has a rubbish plastic dashboard and it’s slow.

I even compared someone to an Alfa Romeo at a party. People thought I was witty.


9 Responses to “A Quick Update”

  1. alcyonrambling Says:

    I’m so glad I have no idea what you’re talking about, but keep on talking. My knowledge of Alfa Romeos ends at about the late ‘sixties….

  2. Well, that would be around the time they disappeared from North America. They’re supposedly set to our continent in 2015, so if you’re going to be in the market for an obscenely-priced, unreliable car with a value that significantly depreciates by the day in three years, then you’re in luck!

  3. Laurie Says:

    Spider veloce round tail as in the Graduate.

  4. alcyonrambling Says:

    Not to turn this into a car blog, but, dig deeper Laurie! The pre- and post-war Alfa 6c and 8c models are still lusted after. Is this a “guy thing” to say? They are true objets d’art. I had a number of Italian motorcycles way back when; every single one of them had electrical problems. If that’s still the Italian weakness, I’d hate to imagine what it would be like with a car that had all the mod-cons. Ok, that’s it, I swear!

    • I don’t know if it’s specifically an electrical issue these days, but according to the Top Gear guys, Alfas are just as unreliable as ever. But they consider it a rite of passage in a way: if you truly love your cars, then you must suffer the agony of owning such a beautiful one, knowing that it’s a complete waste of money and isn’t likely to get you to your destination.

      And I think Alfa love now spans genders. I don’t drive, I know nothing about cars outside of Top Gear and I think they’re gorgeous.

      This whole comment thread is ridiculously Aspie. I love it!

      • alcyonrambling Says:

        Hey! This is serious stuff here! Remember, in the Godfather, when Michael’s first wife, Appolonia, died in in a car bombing? That gorgeous vehicle was an Alfa. Forget cruelty to animals during filming; whenever I hear the name Alfa Romeo, that scene springs to mind and I wonder if Coppola had the decency to create a mock-up for the actual explosion. I shudder when I think he probably didn’t.

  5. Laurie Says:

    Must admit, cars are not really one of my special interests. But I do know that my favourite ‘dream car’ is a Jaguar – either one of the new convertibles or the old E-type. Reliability be damned.

    There was a movie scene so horrific that I’ve blocked the film from my memory (there you go, even Aspies can forget things when they get older), where the bad guys crush and throw off a mountain road a number of drool-worthy cars.

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