A Very Aspie Halloween

October 30, 2011

One of the problems with having Asperger’s is that you tend to have somewhat obscure interests. And when those obscure, intense interests hit around Halloween, well, it makes for some awkward costume moments.

Two years ago, The Dork Passenger hit me hard in late September and all I did was watch Oz and read Beecher/Keller slash for a month. So, when Halloween came around, my choice of costume was obvious.

Obvious to me at least. But I spent most of my night having to explain to people that I was dressed as a character from an HBO prison drama that had been off the air for six years.

This year, what with Top Gear mania running wild, my choice was even more clear.

Between Facebook and real life, I think about ten people knew who I was, which easily makes Stiggy the most recognizable costume of my adult life. But I did once dress at Zia from The Dandy Warhols (basically, I didn’t wear a bra), so it’s not like there was much competition.

I also got a lot of “I love your costume! You’re a space man, right?” Philistines!


3 Responses to “A Very Aspie Halloween”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Just so you know if you had worn this costume in England only about 10 people wouldn’t have known who you were, and as I said before the people that don’t know are the same as Richard Hammonds Porsche 911 left hand drive (seriously uncool).

  2. Laurie Says:

    My Hallowe’en costumes have always been pretty mainstream geek – Star Trek, MaryAnne from Gilligan’s Island, but the year that hubbie and I went as Mulder and Scully (about season 2) was difficult. When we arrived in the suits and trenchcoats with badges, we were pretty recognizable. Later when I was dancing in pants and a white shirt in sock feet, people were all, “Who are you?” “You should have been here two hours ago.”

  3. Laurie Says:

    By the way, you seem like a pretty good looking young woman in your OZ costume.

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