Shut Up, New York Magazine

November 14, 2012

At the beginning of the month, I posted this little rant on a recent New York piece on kids these days and their fake Asperger’s on my Facebook.

Today, I remembered that I have an autism blog and that it probably belonged here. (And also that I should write something here. Hi, whoever’s left!)

The problem with articles and attitudes like this is that it only further undermines and invalidates people who have been diagnosed, are legitimately working to assimilate into society and succeed just enough that people stop taking them seriously.

I’m really sorry if anyone out there is butthurt because, say, Moby wants to pretend he’s autistic in an effort to excuse the fact that he’s Moby. But don’t call me a liar because I’m just a little too good at tricking you into thinking I’m not totally off-putting.

Also, I had such a giant meltdown over the sound of dishes touching each other a few weeks ago that I wound up sobbing and rocking back and forth with a blanket over my head, trying to block out any and all stimulus. Just in case anyone wants to challenge my autism cred.